What’s Available In The Clash Royale Shop?

What’s Available In The Clash Royale Shop?

What’s Available In The Clash Royale Shop?



The Clash Royale Shop is unlocked as soon as you enter the first Arena, i.e. Goblin Stadium. You can purchase several items from the game shop in time of need. Some of the items that the game shop includes are Gems, Gold, Cards, Treasure Chests, and Special Offers. The Special Offers are occasionally found in the game shop and they consist of bulk options or bundles that are available when a new card is going to be released or when a player reaches a new Arena. An easy way to purchase innumerable items from the game shop is by spending Gold, Gems, or your hard-earned real money. We wrote this post for those who don’t want to use our Clash Royale hack and better want to buy Gems and other stuff with real money to support game developers, so read on if this is your scenario!

Game Cards:

You will be provided with different varieties of Cards everyday as the selection keeps changing daily. If you are playing below Arena 10, then you will be able to select Cards that are non-legendary and unlocked in your Arena. Moreover, those Cards that you have not yet unlocked will also be available in the shop. Once you reach Arena 10, the Legendary Cards will show up occasionally. All Cards will be shown up in the game at least once in every three months.

Purchasing Game Cards:

You can purchase any amount of Cards from the shop. Same Cards can also be bought; however, there will be a slight increase in their cost on every subsequent purchase. Every day except Sundays, there will be three random Cards available in the shop for purchase. These Cards can be of different rarities or same ones so keep an eye on them. On Sunday’s you will get a chance to buy six random Cards from the game shop. Every single day, you can purchase up to 100 Common Cards, 50 Rare Cards, 10 Epic Cards, or 3 Legendary Cards depending on your preference. A newly released Card except Legendary Card will be shown as a limited-time offer in the Shop.

Price Of Cards:

Common Cards can be bought for 2 Gold and price of each Rare Card starts at 20 Gold. Epic Cards can be purchased for 1,000 Gold whereas the price of Legendary Cards starts at 40,000 Gold. As you keep progressing in the game, the prices of various cards keep increasing. You will come across Legendary Cards in the shop only after you reach Arena 10. The only method to obtain them at Arena 4 or above is by opening various Treasure Chests. You can purchase all Cards available of a single type at once. However, you should have enough Gold or Gems for buying them.

Treasure Chests:

The Chests available for sale in the game shop do not have a cooldown time, so you can open them immediately after purchase. However, you cannot buy Crown Chests, Golden Chests, Wooden Chests, Free Chests, and Silver Chests from the shop. The Chest that you can purchase will highly depend on your current Arena and the price will also keep varying. You can unlock various rewards from different kinds of Chests. For instance, the Super Magical Chests will give you a chance to unlock Legendary Cards whereas Giant Chests will let you unlock lots of Gold. Some other rewards that you can unlock from the Chests are Gold, Common Cards, Rare Cards, etc.

Special Treasure Chests:

The Epic and Legendary are special Chests that are not commonly available in the game shop as compared to the Magical, Giant, or Super Magical Chests. These two Chests appear as a special offer on a particular day. They do not contain Gold. Depending on your current Arena, the cost of the Epic Chests will vary. To unlock a Legendary Chest, you will require 500 Gems.


Clash Royale Shop Gems

Gems are the premium currency of the game and the price of Gems is different for each country. In the beginning of the game, you will be provided with 100 Gems and as you progress, you can either earn them or purchase them from the game shop. You can purchase 6 different bundles of Gems. These bundles are – Fistful of Gems, Pouch of Gems, Bucket Of Gems, Barrel Of Gems, Wagon Of Gems, and Mountain Of Gems. To earn Gems in the game, you need to complete Achievements and open Treasure Chests. Gems can be used in purchasing Gold and Chests. At some occasions, packs of Cards will also be available in the game shop that can be purchased with Gems. You can even start Challenges and Tournaments in the game by using Gems.


Gold is the primary currency of the game. There are three Gold bundles available in the game for purchase. These bundles are – Pouch Of Gold, Bucket Of Gold, and Wagon Of Gold. You can purchase these bundles of Gold at a discounted price by buying in huge amounts. Gold can be used for purchasing Epic Chests, to start a Clan, upgrade the Cards, and buying extra Cards from the shop. Gold can be earned for free of cost by opening Treasure Chests and Donating Cards. You can earn around 300 Gold everyday by opening Chests. Donating rare Cards is an easy way to procure Gold. Moreover, by donating them you can acquire up to 8 Epic Cards from the game shop every week.

Arena Packs:

Arena Packs can only be purchased by spending real world money. There are 9 different Arena Packs available for sale. Except in Arena 1 and 2, there is one pack available for each Arena. So, if you are in Arena 5 then you can buy the Arena 5 Pack from the shop. It is advisable to purchase these packs as soon as you reach a new Arena because they will be available only for first two days and then appear on a random day once a week. These Packs are special offers of the game, so you won’t be able to get them again. Each Arena Pack contains a fixed amount of Gold, Gems, and a particular Chest.


Now that you know the innumerable goodies available in the Clash Royale game shop, keep buying and keep playing, or try using our Clash Royale Cheats an alternative to buying goods for real money!


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