Clash Royale Tournaments And Trophies!

Clash Royale Tournaments And Trophies!

Clash Royale Tournaments And Trophies!

Introduction On Clash Royale Tournaments:

Clash Royale has an interesting feature called Clash Royale Tournaments. In this feature, players have to compete against each other in short-term competitions. These competitions will let you earn Cards and Gold. As soon as you reach XP Level 8, you can join tournaments. You can even create custom tournaments and by ranking higher in them, you can earn numerous rewards.

How To Create Custom Tournaments:

To create a tournament, you will require Gems; the in-game currency. Depending on the number of Gems you have, you can create the tournament. So, to create a larger tournament, you will need more Gems (they can easily be generated with Clash Royale Hack) as compared to creating a smaller one. It is always better to create a tournament when you have enough Gems. A larger tournament will let many players join in; thus, providing better rewards.

Three Kinds Of Tournaments:

  • Open Tournament: In this kind of tournament, anyone can participate.
  • Password Protected: To join the tournament, you need to enter a password.
  • Closed Tournament: In this kind of tournament, no one can join.

The duration of the tournament is fixed at one hour and the preparation time is fixed at two hours. Players need to join a pool and only those players who are participating in the tournament can battle against each other. Players can even battle with other opponents in the tournament by clicking the Battle icon. Although the mechanics of tournament battles are similar to regular battles; however, the level of Cards and Crown Towers earned are quite high. Moreover, the tournament trophies are different than the regular trophies that you have earned in the game. So, if you lose a battle in the tournament, you will not lose your real trophies.

Custom Tournament Chests:

Clash Royale Tournaments Chest

By ranking in a tournament, you can win Tournament Chests. The top 3 winners of the tournament will be awarded with Chests that will have a fixed amount of Cards. The amount of Cards that you will receive depends on the size of the tournament created by the player. Guy who won the first prize will get a pre-defined amount of Cards. The player acquiring the second position will receive Chests with 60% of the number of cards that are in the first prize. The player acquiring the third position will receive 40% of the number of cards that are in the first prize.

Tournament Chests also contains Gold; the primary currency of the game. The amount of Gold in the Chest is 7 times the number of Cards. You will need Gems to open the Tournament Chest and it has to be opened before the player can participate in another tournament. The maximum number of Cards that a Chest in Custom Tournament contains is 2,000. A Victory Challenge Chest contains maximum of 1,100 Cards in which there are 11 guaranteed Epic Cards. Players who win battles in the tournaments earn Gold. However if you are too lazy to participate in tournaments you can always use Clash Royale Hack to fasten up all things..

Introduction On Trophies:

TrophyTrophies are the most attractive part of an online game. You usually gain or lose a trophy by winning or losing in the battles. The number of trophies you collect highlights your team’s skill ranking. The amount of trophies that your team gains or loses is also based on the number of trophies gained or lost by the opponent’s team. For instance, if the opponent has more number of trophies then you will lose less number of trophies, and vice versa. Moreover, if you win a match and your opponent does not have any trophy then you can still acquire more than 30 trophies, while the enemy does not lose anything.

As soon as you earn a particular number of trophies, you can unlock a new Arena. For instance, if you earn more than 400 trophies in the game then you can unlock Arena 2; the Bone Pit. Moreover, once you enter a new Arena, you can lose up to 50 trophies below the required amount. If you lose lesser than that then you will be dropped back to the previous Arena so play carefully. For instance, if you are playing in the Frozen Peak Arena and have 2,260 trophies, then you will still remain in the same arena until you fall below 2,250 trophies. To reach the next arena, i.e. Jungle Arena you need to achieve 2,600 trophies. If you want to enter Leagues then you need to achieve 4,000 trophies or higher.

Detailed List Of Number Of Trophies That You Should Achieve For Unlocking Arenas:

  • As soon as you complete watching the tutorial, you will unlock Arena 1; Goblin Stadium.
  • By winning 400 trophies, you can unlock Bone Pit, which is Arena 2.
  • As you achieve 800 trophies you can unlock Arena 3; Barbarian Bowl.
  • 1,100 trophies will let you unlock Arena 4, which is P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse.
  • Arena 5, the Spell Valley can be unlocked by winning 1,400 trophies.
  • By earning 1,700 trophies, you can unlock Builder’s Workshop, which is Arena 6.
  • Once you win 2,000 trophies you can unlock Arena 7, which is Royal Arena.
  • Arena 8; the Frozen Peak can be unlocked by winning 2,300 trophies.
  • The next Arena, which is Jungle Arena, can be unlocked by acquiring 2,600 trophies.
  • With 3,000 trophies, you can reach the next Arena, which is Hog Mountain.
  • Once you earn 3,800 trophies, you can unlock the 11th Arena, which is the Legendary Arena.


Once you win 4,000 trophies, you can unlock a special feature in the game, which is known as Leagues. In a League, you will be able to acquire additional Victory Gold. However, the rewards that you earn in regular Chests will remain constant throughout the Leagues. On the first Monday of each month, the season resets. So, at the end of each season, you will be reset to a particular Trophy level. The Trophy Level that you acquire will depend on various factors. For instance, if you are in a Master League then you will be reset to 4,300 trophies. Challenger League players will be reset to 4,000 trophies and Champion League players will be reset to 4,600 trophies.



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