Clash Royale Cards Guide – Learn about Cards!

Clash Royale Cards Guide – Learn about Cards!

Clash Royale Cards Guide – Learn about Cards!

Troop Cards:

  • Night Witch: When you reach Arena 8, you can unlock the Night Witch Card. It has moderate hitpoints and causes high damage. To install the Card, you will require 4 Elixir. It can send 2 Bats every 5 seconds, which is pretty fast as compared to other Cards. However, it cannot distract ground-targeting troops so countering them will be difficult. Furthermore, it cannot attack in the air so keep that in mind while playing the game.
  • Sparky: To unlock the Sparky, you need to reach Arena 6 or open a Legendary Chest. It can cause very high damage with high hitpoints. You will require 6 Elixir to install the Card. As its damage capabilities are very high, you should use the card as a high damage support troop.
  • Electro Wizard: It can be unlocked in Arena 7 or by opening a Legendary Chest. The Card costs 4 Elixir and has the capability to double-target with moderate damage and hitpoints. The Electro Wizard can target two enemies at once. However, if there is only one enemy in its range then it will attack the enemy with both hands; thus causing full damage. The best way to use it is behind the tanks as it has low health and high damage.
  • Princess: To unlock the Princess, you need to reach Arena 7 or open a Legendary Chest. It causes moderate damage and has low hitpoints. To deploy it, you will require 3 Elixir. It is a long-ranged troop so can target and shoot Arena Towers from the opposite side of the river. Even though its area damage is good, but due to its low hitpoints it can be eliminated quickly.
  • Ice Wizard: It can be unlocked from Arena 5 or a Legendary Chest. It costs 3 Elixir to install and is a medium-ranged troop with low damage and reasonable hitpoints. As the Ice Wizard attacks, the target’s movements can become slow and enemy’s attack speed can reduce by 35%. It can be paired with other Wizards and provide support to the troops. Moreover, as it has low damage, so sending it with someone else is always a better idea.
  • Bandit: The Bandit can be unlocked in Arena 9 and costs 3 Elixir to install. It has the capability to deal with double damage and is immune to injure while dashing. It has the same hitpoints than that of the Night Witch. It is the only Card in the game that has ‘dash attack’ ability. The Bandit can dash through boulders and attack buildings like the Inferno.
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Legendary Spell Cards:

  • Graveyard: It can be unlocked from Arena 5 or opened in a Legendary Chest. The Graveyard is a spell that has wide radius that can spawn 17 Skeletons. To deploy the Graveyard, you will require 5 Elixirs. It can be placed anywhere in the Arena and can summon the Skeletons one by one. It is the only Legendary Card and Spell Card that is associated with Skeletons.
  • The Log: It can be unlocked from Arena 6 or a Legendary Chest. It is a Legendary Spell Card that costs 2 Elixir; thus, being the cheapest Legendary Card in the game and is tied with Rage and Zap for the cheapest spell. The Log is an area damage spell that has wide radius and medium damage. You can only unlock two Spells in Arena 6 – The Tornado and The Log. Similar to other Legendary Cards, it falls from the sky when deployed. It is different from other Spells and can only be placed in player’s territory.

Clash Royale Cards Guide – Rare Building Cards:

  • Tombstone: The Tombstone is unlocked in Arena 2 and it costs 3 Elixir to deploy. The Card can spawn a Skeleton every 3 seconds. These skeletons provide high damage and are effective against buildings such as Golem and Giant. Players usually use the Tombstone to save the Crown Tower. Place it at the center of your territory so that the enemy gets distracted and is unable to target the Crown Tower. Overall, it can spawn up to 18 Skeletons and is one of the 10 Cards that are associated with Skeletons in the game. Moreover, the Tombstone is the cheapest spawner in the game and has the lowest health.
  • Goblin Hut: This card can be unlocked from Arena 1 and it costs 5 Elixir. It is a kind of spawner building that has the capability to spawn a Spear Goblin every 5 seconds. It is a rare card and the only building that is unlocked at Arena 1. Moreover, it is one of the six cards that are associated with Goblins. It is most effective in the game during the double Elixir period and in this time players can destroy several Goblin Huts instantly.
  • Bomb Tower: This card can be unlocked in Arena 2 and costs 5 Elixir. It is a medium-ranged building with moderate damage and high hitpoints. Players usually use the card to throw bombs to enemy cards. However, keep one thing in mind that this card cannot attack air units. The area damage effect of the card is amazing and perfect against enemies with low health. It is among one of the 10 cards that are linked with Skeletons.
  • Barbarian Hut: The Barbarian Hut is unlocked in Arena 3. To deploy this card, you will require 7 Elixir. It is a spawner building that can spawn pair of Barbarians every 14 seconds. It is the most expensive building in the game but quite powerful as it has the most hitpoints. Moreover, it has the longest spawn rate among the various spawner cards that are available in the game. The maximum level of hitpoints that the card provides is 2,815. It is the finest card to be used for blocking opponents because it provides very high health that lasts for one minute.

There are several other Cards available in the game that can be acquired in various Arenas. Depending on their rarity and cost, try to collect all of them in the world of Clash Royale. To fasten this process I suggest you to hack clash royale!


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