Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale Hack and Game Review: A Fast Paced Engrossing Game!

Clash Royale is a smart and tricky card-based game that will keep you entertained. In this game, you will have three towers and a deck of cards, which require elixir to activate. So, if you earn more elixir in the game then it will be better for you as your card will be more powerful. However, you can earn elixir slowly and steadily throughout the match, but the other option is to use our Clash Royale hack. Your main motive in the game is to build up your army base, fight with other players, and bring down their base. With every battle you will win cards, which can be traded with other players.

There are three kinds of cards in the game; common, rare and epic. Collecting all of them should be your goal in the game. Also, there is a ladder high score feature in the game, which will let you know the best players of Clash Royale. This feature will make your game competitive and keep you engrossed forever. It’s a good way to keep you motivated to reach high on the ladder. So, if you want your name to be on the best player’s list then start using this Clash Royale Generator. This tool will enable you to procure several resources, game currency, and much more instantly.

Clash Royale Hack 2018

Destroying your enemy’s Crown Towers won’t be easy! To make your game simpler, mentioned below are some vital aspects of the game:

Gold is the primary currency of the game that can be used to upgrade Cards, create a clan, purchase cards from the game shop, and much more. Earning Gold is not simple at all. It can be found in Chests, earned by winning multiplayer battles, purchased with Gems, received from donating Cards to your clan, generated with Clash Royale Hack, etc. There is a maximum limit to the number of Gold that each player can have at a time i.e. 1,000,000 Gold Coins. Except for the Epic and Legendary Chests, you can find Gold in every other Chest.

However, depending on the Chest, the amount earned will vary. Each common card that you donate, you can earn 5 Gold. For the rare cards that you donate, you can procure 50 Gold and for each Epic card donated, you can acquire 500 Gold. Additional copies of a particular card can be stored in the collection, irrespective of it being maxed out. The number of copies that you can store highly depends on its rarity. Any additional copies above a particular limit will automatically be converted into Gold.

    • Common Cards will be worth 5 Gold.
    • Rare Cards will be worth 50 Gold.
    • Epic Cards will be worth 500 Gold and
    • Legendary Cards will be worth 20,000 Gold.

Gold can be earned by winning a Custom Tournament Match or Arena Match. For Arena Matches, you can earn Gold for a maximum of 20 times every single day. If you are planning to purchase Gold with Gems then look out for the discounted rate. The bigger the purchase you make, the less will be the cost of Gold. However it is really recommended to use our Clash Royale Hack 2017 to save money. As the levels of the Cards increases, the amount of Gold required for upgrading it will also increase. Cards can even be purchased from the game shop. The Common Cards are available for 2 Gold, Rare ones for 20 Gold, Epic Cards for 1,000 Gold and Legendary Cards is available for 40,000 Gold.

More awesome facts and tips how to get more Gems and Gold




  • If an Epic Chest is available for sale in a discounted price then grab it instantly. Epic Chests can be purchased by spending Gold.
  • For starting your personal clan, you need to spend 1,000 Gold Coins.
  • Gems are the premium currency of the game. You start the game with 100 Gems. Some more Gems can be procured by completing Achievements or simply by using Clash Royale Hack.
  • You can even buy Gems by spending real money. With the help of Gems, you can purchase Gold and Chests. This is why we powered our Clash Royale Hack with Gems generator feature.
  • Opening various Chests is another way to acquire Gems. The Crown Chest and Free Chest contain 3-4 Gems. However, you are guaranteed to acquire Gems from the Crown Chest only. There won’t be Gems in any other chest.
  • Gems can also be used for starting numerous challenges and tournaments.
  • There are several dozens of cards available in the game and among them you need to select 8 unique cards to build a deck.
  • Cards are the only way to set up spells, troops, and buildings onto the battlefield. You can install Spells anywhere but Buildings and Troops need to be placed in your territory.
  • You will require Elixir to place Cards in the battlefield. Elixir can be gained gradually in the battles.
  • In the game, four levels of Cards are available – Common Cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards, and Legendary Cards.
  • You can obtain Cards by purchasing them with Gold or finding them in various Chests.
  • As soon as you unlock a Card, you don’t have to unlock it ever again in the game. Moreover, even if you have donated a particular unlocked Card to someone, you can still use it forever.
  • If you want to obtain loads of Gold, Cards and Gems, then you need to earn Chests. There are different kinds of Chests provided in the game. For instance, the Epic, Legendary, Silver, Golden, etc. Chests can be procured by winning the battles. Tournament Chests can be procured by acquiring a position in the top 20% of a tournament and so on.


Some Interesting Facts About Various Chests:

  • You can earn Free Chests every 4 hours. They can contain 2-3 Gems. Moreover, they also contain similar rewards as Silver Chest of same arena. However, Free Chests have more Gold.
  • Each account in the game can open only 6 Wooden Chests. When you are in a Training Camp, you will be awarded with Wooden Chests through a tutorial. So, they only contain Training Camp Cards. In the game, the 4th Wooden Chest that you acquire will contain an Epic Card.
  • After you win 10 crowns in the battles, you will be able to unlock the Crown Chest. Keep in mind that the Crowns you have won from Custom and Ladder Tournaments will only be counted as Crown Chest. You can open a new chest at the same time every single day as it has a 24 hour cool down time.
  • The most common kind of chest that you can win in battles is the Silver Chest. To unlock them, you will need 18 Gems or 3 hours of waiting.
  • The second most common chests are the Golden Chests. For unlocking them, you will require 48 Gems or 8 hours of waiting.
  • Magical Chests can be won through battles or tied with Giant Chests. Depending on your arena, you can procure one or more Epic Cards from these chests. They can be purchased from the game shop.
  • The Epic Chest, Legendary Chest, and Super Magical Chest are the three rarest Chest found in the game. Winning them will be tough in the battlefields.

Now that you know how to defend your Crown Tower, you are welcome to fight in the arena of Clash Royale!